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Why a special library for our children and teens?

* As our culture has changed, so has children's literature changed.

* As our culture has changed, so have public libraries changed.

* As our culture has changed, so has modern education changed.

If you are making careful decisions about your kids' education, please consider the reading materials equally crucial to development of their hearts and minds. Their books should be wholesome in content and inspired in their view of the child as a learner.

Such books are now rare, but the very best, the most richly and engagingly narrative book, those vivified with the best other words, the "living books," over 20,000 of them, have been found and gathered for you to enjoy at the Children's Preservation Library.

What are living books?

The most memorable books (even the Bible) shape us... without academic dissertation or "questions at the end of the chapter." Rather, they speak right to our heart, because they are engaging narrative. No wonder: we humans love story!

Such treasures, the norm in the earlier "Golden Age of Children's Literature," are now called living books, because they "capture the attention and secure the interest" as well as "arouse something noble in the heart of the reader, without any effort on the part of the teacher or the taught!" Does this describe your kids' current reading?

Or, if your children have only modern books, these probably rely on chopped-up text bits, around large computer images. Story is not likely the goal. Instead, it seems that most newer books aren't trying to reach the heart, but rather attempt to download clinical factoids to the brain through reductionist "bytes" for supposedly easier retention. (See Modern Book Example on our Photos page.)

Ah....this is the crux of the issue! Heart or head?! Consider that if you capture the heart, you've captured the head too, for out of the heart, a person wills, thinks, speaks, and decides to learn.

Books from tat "Golden Age" had a wonderfully hearty view of the reader, and thus thrilled the young (teens too!) with the story of history, geography, science, math, the arts, etc., in impactful, heroic, unforgettable narrative fashion. (See Living Book Example on our Photos page, or read an article by Michelle Howard Miller requested by an education magazine: Power of Great Books to Teach Well.)

Such books are very hard to find in public libraries, but the best literary gems of all time are easily found--over 20,000 of them, in fact--at the Children's Preservation Library!

Come on in! You won't believe it until you see it!

What do we offer you?

* Full-service library for PreK-12, making available the great "living book" gems of yesteryear-and the best current literature-in every field: history, biography, geography, science, mathematics, art, music, fiction, historical fiction, early readers, picture books, etc. Come on in to browse and borrow. Or, use the library database online, where books can be reserved, and volunteers will pull your books so they can be quickly grabbed.

* Access to these thousands of costly books for less than the cost of a few new books, including those called for in popular homeschool curricula such as Five-in-a-Row (our special tub for each unit effortlessly deepens the learning), Veritas, Sonlight, TruthQuest History, Beautiful Feet, Prairie Primer, Weaver, etc.

* Enrichment materials too: oversized art prints, games, math manipulatives, science gear, puzzles, puppets, etc., all available for check-out!

* DVD/VHS/Audio collection (wholesome, recreational, and educational)

* Support materials for adults on education, parenting, and more.

* Wholesome values used in selection of materials (talk with staff for more details).

* Library staff available through special FB group for child-specific book recommendations; a benefit of membership!

Ready to join us?

There are various levels of membership, and either annual or monthly dues. All are explained on the Membership/Join page. Please, first complete the brief application. Then...if you wish to renew or join right here, have at it! You can either mail a check for full annual amount for your chosen level to our mailing address (CPL, 526 W 14th St, #161, Traverse City, MI 49684) or subscribe using online payment. Monthly option is available only via automated monthly subscription below (choose your level). Annual dues can be done by check or online subscription below (again, please choose your level). [New members must please submit an application; funds will be refunded if application incompatible.]

Join Us on Facebook!

Some day, we hope to ship books anywhere in the U.S., so that non-local members can be served well also! (If interested, we can add you to a contact list; just let us know.) In the mean time, all of our local members can borrow books, as well as browse and reserve through our online database.

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