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All of our employment changes have really caused us to evaluate what is important and we feel that our children's education and resources are a top priority -- and CPL is surely an amazing resource to have!


Your library has been an inspiration and a treasure trove to our family! I was brought up with living books as a child, so I recognize the the great work you are doing to preserve this learning experience for my children's generation.


Once we started using good books to teach history, science and literature, Kaycie's love for learning blossomed. She was always a voracious reader, but being able to read quality books from CPL gave her a different standard in what she considered "good." She now evaluates books at other stores or libraries, and says they just don't measure up to the books at CPL. She has become familiar with authors who have actually changed the direction of her educational interests. She now studies history and literature in college!


Even though we are financially challenged, I gladly budget $15 each month for CPL because the library actually saves me money! What is more important than having all the resources, though, is the confidence I have in letting my children use them. It is much different when we go to the public library where I must take time to carefully screen out harmful or junky books. This is a big deal to me! There is so little time to read, and so few years my kids are at each reading level. I want them to have the very best literature, not just the ?currently popular? books at our public library. What is the Children?s Preservation Library for but to make available to our children the very best books?in both content and style?even though most of these gems are now out-of-print. No Sesame Street-generation books for my kids, thank you. I can hardly wait to see what will come of the children raised on these good books! And, we cannot easily get the best literature for our kids without CPL.


We have been using Veritas Press...curricula since we began homeschooling, and I have been delighted to find that many of their supporting historical fiction (and non-fiction) is in the library. It is wonderful for us to read these high-quality books that are not available at the public library and yet too numerous to purchase.


I am crazy about books, especially out-of-print treasures. Almost everything on my wish list is at the library, a treasure box waiting for my children. The library has enriched my homeschool in too many ways to count. I am surrounded by new readers in my home and I keep bringing home books that please. What would we do without you?


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