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Choose your Membership level! (Payment options below)

(All memberships include access to a private Facebook group where we all can share about worthy books!)

Basic Membership:  access to majority of books and resources, $219/year.

Just think! The best books for the whole family for only $19+/month... Less than cost of one book!

Add use of all Five-in-a-Row tubs (details below) at reduced price, $60.

Preferred Membership: access to all books and resources, $249/year.

Or, just $21+/month...for your whole family!

Includes use of red-labeled, extra-rare gems, hard to find anywhere else!

Add use of all Five-in-a-Row tubs (details below) at reduced price, $60.

Five-in-a-Row-Only Membership: use of all FIAR tubs, $149/year (or $60 w/Basic or Preferred membership).

Each FIAR tub contains key book (some very costly/difficult to locate).

Each tub also offers many supplementary books to broaden/deepen the experience. An included chart ties each book to specific FIAR sections.

We offer a FIAR tub for every unit in Five-in-a-Row Volumes 1, 2, and 3, plus Before Five-in-a-Row. About 75 tubs, in all!

Terrific way to start homeschooling inexpensively (just $13.50/month), yet excellently. Everything at your fingertips! You don't even have to keep your toddlers occupied while at CPL. Just grab and go!

Trial Membership---Want to sample the library first?

New members may use the library for three months for just $70. Includes use of Five-in-a-Row tubs! See what others have been talking about! (Contact us at end of Trial Period to update your account to chosen membership level, or to halt.)

FIRST, Membership Application (New Members Only!)

Please complete the online Membership Application. (Past members do not need to re-submit an application. We become family, after all)

THEN, Choose your Payment method--Annual or Monthly!

Option #1--ANNUAL: Because it is so reasonable, you can make a one-time payment (at lower price than monthly) for the full year by mailing a check (for your chosen level) to our postal address (CPL, 526 W 14th St, Suite 161, Traverse City, MI 49684). If you prefer online payment, you may choose the annual subscription option for your chosen level below:

Option #2--MONTHLY: Or, you can pay monthly via automated subscription for your chosen level (contact us to update your Trial Membership after 3 month period, to your permanent chosen level, or to halt). The library family appreciates continued support throughout the winter months--it is the heart of the schoolyear, after all--to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the books available to all!

"The Fine Print"

Your payment means agreement with library policies, which are necessary for the preservation of these precious books and building. Policies are posted at Children's Preservation Library and a printed copy may be requested. Also, due to fees on automated payments (especially monthly), the monthly option has these fees incorporated in pricing. These can be avoided by paying via check for annual amount. If so, just view Annual amount options in Annual pull-down menu, but instead mail a check for chosen amount to our mailing address: CPL, 526 W 14th St, Suite 161, Traverse City, MI 49684). Thank you!

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