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Application for Membership


Children's Preservation Library

1401 Douglas Dr, Suite 21H, Traverse City, MI 49696

(Mailing Address Only: CPL, 526 W 14th St, Suite 161, Traverse City, MI 49684)

We hope to gently express that Children's Preservation Library is not a public institution, but is rather our family's private library. Thus, we desire library members who are compatible, who can contribute to unity here, and who are raising their children in a way that causes them to respect the property of others and the necessary policies of this library. With this in mind, we respectfully ask you to respond to the following questions:

Are you comfortable with the task of monitoring and controlling your children's behavior while at the library, and of providing earnest care for the books when in your home, since they are older, out-of-print gems, and are both fragile and difficult to replace? We want them around for your children's children! (Specific book care guidelines are in our "Library Policies" and are explained during each family's first visit.)

(Important Note: Membership in Children's Preservation Library is by invitation only. If this application is approved, you will receive notice within 21 days. Because we sometimes have limited space, some applications may be put into a waiting pool; they may or may not be approved at a later time. If you do not receive notification of acceptance within 21 days, your application has been regretfully declined. Admittedly, we make mistakes by unknowingly declining qualified families, but we do our best considering the intangibles involved, busyness of library, etc. Thank you for your interest!)



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Are you willing to protect books at home and ensure good behavior at library building, please? *

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