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"Living Books Lady" Services

You asked for it! Those far from our library (who thus cannot borrow) have requested access to the resources. "Living Books Lady" (Michelle Howard Miller, library founder, and living-books specialist/columnist/author/speaker) is glad to help! Please select any/all of Michelle's services for your family:

(Service 1) Use our library's web platform to organize/label/track your book-collection.

If you wish to launch and organize your own book lending, you can join our library's web platform as your own location, taking advantage of all the book data, label-making, and library functions for lending, renewing, reserving, etc. Your borrowers would browse too!

(Service 2) Want all our book info, for personal use, from our "living books" database?

a...Browse for favorite books from our 20,000 "living books" records in order to harness a library near you, maximize your inter-library loan requests, or make a shopping list for your own living-book purchases. All for just $3.99/month (or a discounted fee of $42/year). And, if we're ever able to ship books from our own library, you will receive first opportunity to enjoy the service.

b...Get the special info we put into our database, such as the character qualities of perseverance, generosity, forgiveness, etc., even if in biographies or picture books. This is topped off by a visual of the book's cover (where completed), to bring all to life.

c...You may also enjoy our many "Pathfinders," which are topical booklists on unique topics (such as seagulls and microscopes), as well as energetic themes like "Adventures for Boys," or "horse racing," or "Physical Science Adventures." We are adding more Pathfinders, too. You may also request a particular Pathfinder, and we will do our best to comply.

(Service 3) Own our data as a spreadsheet, not via the interactive web platform.

Download our entire "living books" database to your own device/computer, so you can customize, notate, rearrange, etc. (one-time purchase fee)

(Service 4) Personal "living books" recommendations for your family

Request fully personalized living-book recommendations from Michelle for each of your children on any topic throughout each month (monthly fee).

To sign-up for any of these services, or to get more details, please visit our specialized site for these powerful aids:


Welcome to the family!

Living Books Lady

526 W 14th St, Suite 161

Traverse City, MI 49684

(Please note our mailing address, if not using electronic payment option below; be sure to send your email address so we can send your login info.)

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