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Membership Policies


Membership Policies

1. How do I apply/join?

We are delighted to have you ask!

If you are new to us, please submit the Membership Application (available in sidebar). You can either wait for our response, or choose/purchase a Membership Level now. If your application is regretfully declined (that rarely happens!), we would immediately refund your payment.

If you have already been in the CPL family, just select your Membership Level and initiate your dues payment(s), and we're all set!

2. Must I be a homeschooler to join Children's Preservation Library?

No, you certainly need not be!


1. Is Children's Preservation Library open year-round?

Yes, we are usually open two days a week during the school year (Labor Day to Memorial Day), and are open one day each week during the summer (except during Cherry Festival). The days/hours vary from year to year, but are always posted on our Home Page.

2. Does Children's Preservation Library close for inclement weather?

Children's Preservation Library is closed whenever the Traverse Area Public Schools are closed. We want everyone to be safe!

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