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Classical Conversations -- Easy Enrichment and Engagement!

For those of you doing Classical Conversations (CC), we can make your job much easier by providing wondrous support materials for your children--of the very highest quality, and hand-curated--without even adding a stop to your weekly routine! You needn't even visit the library! Instead, the take-home book-bins can be delivered right to your weekly CC meetings (and then swapped between the library members in your group). Just join the library online, and we will contact you to plan logistics.

Working with local CC leaders, we have pored over the CC themes--in history, math, science, art, etc.--and pre-packed top-notch living books on these topics for each CC week. This has been very popular, and we've been told by the families that the students' summary reports deeply reflect what they've vicariously experienced of the CC topics through the living books. So, they are a terrific aid to deepening the memory and content an exciting and encouraging way!

(NOTE: Due to the high cost of acquiring and assembling enough of the top-flight books for the many CC groups, we need 3-4 library-member families per CC group to make the service feasible. So, bring your CC friends for a tour of the library, and we can show in person how the living books will carry your children even more deeply into learning...easily and enjoyably for you and them! Also, please note that this same high cost of development means that CC-support-tote users commit to at least a 12-month membership for each schoolyear cycle that the CC-totes are used, so that the annual cost of development can be spread over 12 months at a minimum, although actual cost is even higher.)

Quick video demo (ignore Florida references, please)

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