Children's Preservation Library

A Treasure Trove of Rare "Living" Books
in Traverse City, Michigan

What we offer...

20,000 out-of-print and living books…rarely found in public libraries…

....from the Golden Age of children's literature (1930s-1970s)…

....when stunning breadth and depth in all topics…

....was taught in vivid, memorable narrative....and thus called "living" literature.

Plus, wholesome films, games, math manipulatives, puzzles, science gear, puppets, and parent/educational resources.

...All at: 1401 Douglass Dr., Traverse City, MI  49696.

Mission Statement

Children’s Preservation Library

Mission Statement

To make available to area students, the rare and inspiring literary gems of yesteryear in all subjects~before cultural changes altered the content and format of youth literature~as well as the best literature of today, and helpful support materials for parents.  A heritage of quality to be enjoyed today too!


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