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You asked for it!  Those far from our library (who thus cannot borrow) have requested access to the resources.  "Living Books Lady" (Michelle Miller, library founder, and living-books specialist/columnist/author/speaker) is glad to help!  Please select any/all of Michelle's services for your family :

    (Service 1)  Access her vast, online, living-book database (monthly fee).

    (Service 2)  Request fully personalized living-book recommendations from Michelle for each of your children on any topic throughout each month (monthly fee).

    (Service 3)  Download her entire living-books database to your own device/computer, so you can customize, notate, rearrange, etc. (one-time purchase fee).

Details and payment portal are immediately below.  Just choose your service, and we will get you set up!


Service 1 - Enjoy "Living Books Lady" Database
(Includes Book Info AND Themed Recommendations)

Those of you who live far from Children's Preservation Library can still enjoy the loads of living-book info on our website.  Here you will find specialized descriptions and Subject details on over 20,000 of the most precious and rare living-book treasures.  We also highlight character qualities where pertinent, such as perseverance, generosity, forgiveness, etc., even if in biographies or picture books.  Of course, the database here also offers the usual author info, series info, etc.  This is topped off by a visual of the book's cover (where completed), to bring all to life.

You may also enjoy our many "Pathfinders," which are topical booklists on unique topics (such as seagulls and microscopes), as well as energetic themes, such as "Adventures for Boys," or "horse racing," or "Physical Science Adventures."  We are adding more Pathfinders constantly, so you will always find something new!  You may also request a particular Pathfinder, and we will do our best to comply.  

Browse for favorite books, see recommendations in order to harness a library year you, maximize your inter-library loan requests, or make a shopping list for your own living-book purchases, all for just $3.99/month (or a discounted fee of $42/year).  And if we are ever able to ship books from our own library, you will receive the first opportunity to enjoy the service.

Our website has more information than on any other such known source, and is being further developed as we maximize the move to this wonderful new platform.  Eventually, all books will have cover art graphics, fuller descriptions, topical hyperlinking, and much more.  So, click on the buttons below to electronically purchase member access to this one-of-a-kind resource, or mail a check to the address below.  Either way, once we have received your payment/contact email, we will create a private account for you, and email you the log-in info!  

Service 2 - Enjoy Personal Book Recommendations - Just for Your Children!

We know that you cannot get into our library due to your distant location, but that doesn't mean that you can't still buttonhole the Living Books Lady with your questions.  Whatever you are studying, whatever the age of your children, you can still ask for personalized book recommendations for your unique family!  For a monthly fee ($14.99, or $155/year), you will get a direct email address and/or a forum to access our founding librarian, Michelle Miller, for her exciting recommendations on each of your topics throughout the month.  Fire away!  She loves to try to be stumped!  Once you receive your personalized recommendations you can begin seeking these books in your area, through public, private, and parochial libraries, the special youth book archives often held in the Education departments of colleges and universities, inter-library loan, vintage bookstores, and even online resources, such as book dealers and virtual libraries.  Enjoy the hunt with your "personalized treasure map" of custom book recommendations.  

Service 3 - Purchase Living-Book Database for Your Device/Computer.

Some folks wish to acquire the entire living-books database, so they can always have it entirely at-hand, can customize it, and can use to track their own growing book collection, while avoiding the 10,000 (estimated) man-hours we spent creating it.  It can be used to guide/track purchases, generate labels, etc.  (We provide the data for your program, not the program.)  Please note that most existing online info about books is only about those from the most recent years, while ours covers most of the "living books" written during the "Golden Age" (late 1930s-early 1970s), and includes not only the title/author info, but specific content info, descriptions (often including character qualities, and other values-based info not easily found, etc.), all for just a one-time fee of $129. We have a detailed info-letter about the database, available upon request.  Once you have made your purchase below, we will send applicable info and no-copy agreement.


Welcome to the family!

Living Books Lady
526 W 14th St, Suite 161
Traverse City, MI  49684
(Please note our mailing address, if not using electronic payment option below; be sure to send your email address so we can send your login info.)

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